Eve Online: 5th EVE Online Alliance Tournament

| 15 Feb 2008 22:19

Details have now been released about the 5th EVE Online Alliance Tournament. Titled "the Pew Pew Boom", here's some of what's in store:

Greetings fellow pod pilots!

After the recent months of hard work to bring you the Trinity expansion, we have finally had a bit of time to start putting our heads together and get the wheels of the Fifth Alliance Tournament moving.

Under the watchful eye of GM Nova, the tournament committee of GM Xamother, CCP Fendahl, and CCP Mindstar (that's me!) will be working to bring you the best tournament yet! Over the next few weeks we will be looking over the rules and points used in the last tournament, and working out what (if anything) we think could be better.

What I can tell you is that overall we felt the last tournament was a great success. As such, it will be quite similar to last time with a few tweaks here and there. If you have any suggestions or comments, there is a discussion thread in the PVP Tournament forum, where feedback would be very much appreciated.

In the interest of keeping you informed, there are a few bits of information we do know!

* Dates - We are planning to hold it over the first two weekends of March 2008 (Starting 29th Feb. Yes, it's a leap year!).
* Coverage - The tournament will be streamed live and free, and as always we will be inviting the cream of the PVP community to give expert commentary and analysis of matches.

Early in the New Year, we will have much more detailed information as to specifics on the rules, points, sign up process and the application process for those who would like to be commentators or experts.

For now - Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you on the battlefield!

While the post quoted above came out in December, this is apparently a reminder that the tournament is on its way!

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