Stargate Worlds: Developer Q&A: Episode VII Coming Soon

| 16 Feb 2008 03:12

Stargate Worlds' 7th podcast installment is coming soon, and the developers are asking for more brain tickling questions from the fans:

The next opportunity has arrived to get your Stargate Worlds questions answered in audio form by the developers themselves.

Developer Q&As allow fans to ask anything to any developer pertaining to any aspect of Stargate Worlds. You have to be a member of Stargate Worlds Forums to submit your question, so if you haven't registered already then please do so here. It's free!

It is hard to believe that six episodes of the popular Developer Q&A series have launched. So many questions have asked by some of the most insightful fans, and out of that group a handful have been selected for each edition. Remember, thought-provoking queries and a desire to think outside of the box are keys to getting yourself in the next edition!

We look forward to answering your questions!!

You can post your questions on this thread.

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