Everquest 2: EQII: Considering a Career in Game Development?

| 17 Feb 2008 13:42

Sony Online Entertainment is seeking interns for several of their development teams:

SOE is currently looking to fill several intern positions on various teams. An internship at SOE is a prearranged learning experience designed to place students on a project that is relevant to their academic and professional goals. Interns will work as part of a team with people from many professional backgrounds while testing their skills working on a project. A mentor will be assigned to each intern, who will provide continual guidance and feedback until completion of the internship.

These are paid part-time positions (approximately 9 weeks in length) that provide invaluable real-work experience and offer students an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally as well as make tremendous networks for future career opportunities.

Check out the opportunities at the Sony Career page.

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