City Of Heroes: City of Heroes: Relive the Valentine's Day Magic

| 18 Feb 2008 23:11

The CoH website has been updated with lots of interesting information about last week's Valentine's Day event:

Valentine's Day, 2008 was certainly a day to remember. The who's who of Paragon City turned out for the wedding between two of the city's luminary Heroes: Manticore and Sister Psyche. Despite the best planning for security, Lord Recluse was still able to infiltrate the nuptials and crash the party!

Now, you can relive every moment of this very special event. The City of Heroes team worked with one of the game's biggest fan comic book creators, ChaseArcanum, to create an exclusive Comic Book regaling all the details.

Click here to go to the comics download page where you can view: "You Are Cordially Invited... The Wedding of Manticore and Sister Psyche!"

Additionally, we have a transcript of the wedding ceremony, including the vows.

We hope everyone had a great 2008 Valentine's Day!

So...uh...enjoy? *g*

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