Pirates Of The Burning Sea: Pirates of the Burning Sea Dev Log

| 20 Feb 2008 22:43

The PotBS site is featuring a new developer log. Written by Joe, he indicates that he's taking over as the producer of PotBS. The article features an introduction of John Zipperer joining the development team and a bit about the upcoming v1.2 patch:

The other big news is the 1.2 patch. This is our first major content patch and it is so chock full of good stuff that we have to spread it out across a series of Devlogs that you'll see throughout the next week. To kick things off I wanted to give you an overview of what's coming up.

One of the biggest new features in 1.2 is the new French Capitol. Pointe-a-Pitre has been reborn with an entirely new look. This includes a bunch of new mission content to match the new town, tailored to match Point-a-Pitre's new look. I saw the town lit and textured for the first time over the weekend and it looks amazing. Just wait 'til you see the screenshots.

There's a lot more to the article to float on over to read it.

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