Pirates Of The Burning Sea: PotBS Developer Interview at Stratics

| 21 Feb 2008 11:20

PotBS Stratics has an interview with Pirates of the Burning Sea composer, Adam Gubman. The interview covers his determination to become a professional musician as well as his contribution to PotBS. Here's a portion of the article:

Kayhynn: The PotBS soundtrack really fits the mood and genre of the game, from the random percussion beats and violins one may briefly hear while going through a town, or on the open sea. What source materials and inspirations did you use to create the soundtrack?

Adam: We had a deep desire to remove the soundtrack as far as possible away from the Disney soundtracks, but there are some elements from piratical music that you do have to keep. Flying Lab wanted to try to achieve something a bit more timeless. We used the Captain Blood Soundtrack as some of our inspiration as well as artists such as Max Steiner, Victor Young and John Williams. I also had great inspiration from the Hook Soundtrack as well as Star Wars.

Interesting, comprehensive article and well worth the time to read.

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