Neverwinter Nights 2: NWN Podcast: Ossian Studios Interview

| 23 Feb 2008 12:48

The latest NWN Podcast is available. Featuring an interview with Ossian Studios' Alan Miranda, here's what they discussed:

Trey is back and joins Jay and Michele in the 45th NWN Podcast!

We get the privilege of have an exclusive voice interview with CEO of Ossian Studios, Alan Miranda, and Lead Designer Luke Scull where we talk about the Mysteries of Westgate!! So come on in and listen to what awaits us in this adventure pack for NWN2!

In the news:

* 2nd Expanson Pack for Neverwinter Nights
* AME interview with Hall of Fame author Aristan
* RWS Team Releases 5 custom tile sets for NWN2
* Jason Roy Announces Release date for his new module
* NWN Modules of the Year 2007
* NWN2 Modules of the Year 2007

Thank you Rob McGinnis for mentioning us in the Neverwinter Nights Community Update!

Next episode we will have the excerpts from our NWNP Live! Modules in Development Roundtable. You will not want to miss that!

Until next time,
Get in game and level up!

As always, this is another quality interview. Be sure to grab it today.

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