Jumpgate Evolution: GDC Preview at IGN

| 23 Feb 2008 19:05

IGN is back from GDC'08 with a fresh look at NetDevil's space MMO, Jumpgate Evolution, and here's what they found out about the game's missions and boss encounters:

To make missions more interesting, NetDevil says they're working on a dynamic generator that will attempt to lend a greater sense of continuity to groups of missions, but didn't really go into specifics. Eventually missions will guide you toward "boss mobs," which in this case are giant capital ships or space stations. Defeating them is accomplished in parts. The first stage of the battle might involve taking our four gun turrets, the next a shield generator, and finally the power core. NetDevil says they've taken an old-school arcade approach with these kinds of battles, in that the enemy target will become more aggressive the more damage you do to it.

If the boss happens to get too tough, don't worry. Because NetDevil is trying to make the game less hardcore, death in Evolution doesn't permanently destroy your ship or penalize you by removing experience progress. Instead, you simply respawn at a nearby friendly station.

Read the rest at IGN.com

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