Dark Age Of Camelot: DaoC: The Icy Grab Bag

| 23 Feb 2008 23:08

The Grab Bag for this week takes questions and answers from the Dark Age of Camelot forums and presents the best of the best:

Q. I have an LGM Spellcrafter and I have been trying to figure out the Mystic Essence gems, which are for power. I know my power pool cap is very high yet I never see a change in my power pool when I imbue a Mystic Essence to a piece of equipment. Can you please explain how these affect the power pool when there is no visible change?

A. I ran to the Balancinator for this one: It increases your total power by the amount listed, but not by a percentage. For example, we will go under the assumption that a caster has 400 power points. This is the power pool. A bonus that is Power: 10% of power pool will increase your pool by 40 points up to 440. This is a noticeable difference because you have added another spell's worth of power into your pool. The mystical essence jewels provides a flat benefit. Therefore, the bonus from it will be, Power: 10. This means that your power pool would only increase by 10 and your total power would be 410. In most cases, the bonus will not increase your power pool enough to cast an extra spell when you attempt to exhaust your power pool.

Q. Do the Backwoods Marodors in Malmohus on Midgard/Classic servers still drop the Marodor Gem?

A. The Bearded Wonder nodded firmly: Yes. It is still possible for those Marodors in Malmohus to drop from them.

Q. I put the Ensorcelled Staff of Severity into my template because of the stats, and because the effective DPS is 16.3. But I'm wondering if something is off with the actual DPS. I tested it out on a caster where it hit for 100 to 150 per hit and on melee classes 50 to 100 per hit. Another staff, Succor, has an effective DPS of 15.9. The damage is 250 to 400 per hit on casters and 200 to 400 on melee classes. I'm also capped 101 on dexterity and 92 quickness. Is the Ensorcelled Staff of Severity's damage bugged, or is that the correct damage for the staff?

A. The Lady of the Jewels looked this one up for you: The damage from weapons on each swing is not only calculated by the DPS number but also by the Speed. These two weapons have the following:

Ensorcelled Staff of Severity
Effective Dps: 16.5
Weapon Speed: 3.4

Effective Dps: 16.3
Weapon Speed: 5.5

A weapon with a higher weapon speed will hit less often, but when it does hit, it catches up so to speak by doing more damage at once. A weapon with a lower speed hits more frequently, but for less damage. Succor is hitting for more damage per swing, but the Ensorcelled Staff of Severity is hitting faster.

Q. What is the % slow effect of the style "Stunning Blow"? I can't find that style's info.

A. The Balancinator says that the effect is a 30% slow: We are going to try to include the slow percentages on the Herald listings in the future. Please feel free to point out the slow effect styles that do not list the percentage after the Herald is updated for patch 1.92.

Q. I was just looking at my gear, and noticed the durability on my Ancient Copper necklace is fading down to 40%. I understand it is in the nature of the game to have gear wear out overtime. However, I just cannot be excited to find a new necklace to replace it, thus redoing a template, which I swore not to do again. So, with that being said, is there any possibility that I may be able to get a new necklace, if I were to repeat the quest again?

A. The Lady of the Jewels replies: They need to stop repairing that necklace. Even at 70% condition it will still give the bonuses because they are only resist bonuses.

The Lord of the Underdark added: Unfortunately, Customer Support can not repair items for you. However...

If you have lost an item, you should file an Emergency appeal from the owner of the item as soon as you discover that you're missing it. State your Name-Server, the item name, and ask if the item can be replaced. While we do not guarantee the restore of any item, we will make every attempt to do so.

Example: /appeal Heyas! My character Xatryn-Gawaine seems to have misplaced their Ancient Copper Necklace. Could you please restore it?

Q. There are no houses available on the Mid Gareth server, can I buy a house on Lamorak?

A. I went to the Bearded Wonder for this one: You can buy a lot on Lamorak if you make a character there and buy it with that character.

Q. One of the reasons weapons that drop off of the new dragons are so highly prized, is because of their nifty procs. People claim that those procs go off much more frequently than on other weapons. I've always been under the impression that all weapons with procs had the same base chance to go off, and that nothing could modify that chance. What is the percentage chance of a weapon proc going off, and is it consistent across all weapons in the game? Do dragon weapons really proc more frequently, or does it just seem that way because some of them have two proc effects?

A. Giggling giddily the Lady of the Jewels explains: Reactive procs on weapons and armor do vary in their frequency depending on the item. Armor proc frequency, for example, takes into account how often that piece is likely to be hit in combat (boots are typically hit less often then a chest piece). Weapons can vary as well, but it is a very slight difference and is based on that item's level and difficulty to obtain. The dragon weapons appear to have an average chance to proc for their level and rarity. To give some perspective, they have the same chance to proc as the champion weapons.

Q. The Eldritch Champion weapon has a focus bonus all spell lines 50 levels. If I use this weapon do I still gain a benefit from Mastery of Focus?

A. Yes, says the Balancinator as he explains why: The spell focus on your champion weapon affects your spells by improving the power cost efficiency. 'Mastery of Focus' increases the level of all spells cast by the listed amount for out-right resistance purposes. 'Mastery of Focus' will not allow a spell to exceed the level 50 limit.



Get ready for the next patch! Version 1.92 is currently scheduled to go live on this coming Wednesday, February 27th. We'll have more details for you on Monday about downtime and what to expect, so please keep an eye on the Herald for the latest updates.

February is the month of love. If you haven't had a chance to enjoy the Valentine's Day quests yet, then you better hurry up, the quests will be ending on Thursday, February 28th.

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The weather here in Northern Virginia is a mixture of ice and rain. If you need to travel, please be careful. As for me, there is a mug out there with my name on it and it needs to be filled with hot chocolate.

Have a safe and warm weekend everyone.

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