Jumpgate Evolution: GDC Battle Station Interview at TTN

| 25 Feb 2008 20:24

TenTonHammer returned from GDC with an exclusive interview with Jumpgate Evolution's producer Hermann Peterschek, who talked indepth about the game's epic battle stations and capital ship and the SciFi genre's influence on gaming:

After chatting with Jumpgate producer Hermann Peterscheck, we were pleased to find out that battle stations - along with capital ships - were some of the most important features being currently implemented into the game. Loading up the client on his laptop (which looked like your average Dell computer), Hermann explained that the game simply didn't feel complete without the bigger weapon platforms. "Our whole philosophy with Jumpgate is really to test, retest, and change things when necessary," Hermann said. "A few months ago, we were talking about the game and there was this feeling that going around and fighting ships was fun, but it's not really enough. There was this big hole, this need to fight large ships that just wasn't being expressed through our current gameplay. Therefore, we decided to put them in, and our first iteration on that is the battle station."

Commencing our launch sequence, Hermann gave a brief tour of the surrounding area, which was full of asteroids and a huge enemy base that comprised the interior of one of the larger asteroids. To make sure players knew who the base belonged to, a large insignia was emblazoned on the outside of the base. As we watched, fighter were launched out of the ship to intercept us. After a bit of fancy flying, Hermann directed us away from the base and to a nearby area that held the battle station. As we flew close, it was really apparent just how big the base was right off the bat. This was some small piece of space junk - the battle station was huge. Each of the five turrets was easily as big as or bigger than the small ship Hermann was piloting, and he felt the heat from the guns rather quickly.

Read the rest at TenTonHammer.

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