Guild Wars: Guild Wars: State of the Game for February 27, 2008

| 27 Feb 2008 21:23

The latest State of the Game article has been released. Titled "Midline Shutdown", this particular article deals with skill choices for Mesmers. Here's a snip:

Midline shutdown, in general terms, means the removal or disruption of opposing defenses or offense. In a previous discussion, we discussed the importance of frontline coordination. However, without proper midline shutdown, even the best Warriors will fail to kill their targets. In the next few articles, we will focus on the midline and its shutdown role against a typical balanced team.


Rather than Illusion templates, we'll look at examples based on popular Domination builds because, for almost every team running a balanced build, a Domination Mesmer is central to midline shutdown.

Head over to the official site to bone up on Mesmer skills for PvP fans.

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