Pirates Of The Burning Sea: Pirates of the Burning Sea Review: 8/10

| 29 Feb 2008 12:21

Gaming Nexus has the latest review of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Kicking up a better-than-decent score of 8/10, the reviewer summed it up by saying:

Half brilliance, half blunder, Pirates of the Burning Sea sets players up with a boutique online experience rife with piracy, privateering, national pride, cutthroat commerce, user-generated content, conquerable ports, and a highly-listenable musical score. Hopefully Flying Lab hasn't fully etched the avatar combat in stone since it requires rework far beyond "tweaking," although the nautical combat is so good that on its own it renders PotBS as a must-play experience.

It's a comprehensive review so pop over to Gaming Nexus to read the rest.

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