Tabula Rasa: Tabula Rasa Feedback Friday: February 29, 2008

| 29 Feb 2008 21:35

Tabula Rasa's weekly , the Feedback Friday, focuses this week on the ongoing development plans for Tabula Rasa and the future additions of content, bug fixes, and other improvements in the game:

For this Feedback Friday, we would like to share the ongoing development plan for Tabula Rasa. Simply put, it's a basic guideline of how we are addressing the addition of content, bug fixes, and other improvements in the game.

How we are dividing our current development efforts:

* 1/3 of the effort is being spent on fixing bugs. We hate them, you hate them, and we'll spend a good portion of our time getting rid of them.
* 1/3 of the effort is being spent on new features. New features keep everyone coming back for more.
* 1/3 of the effort is being spent on performance and consistency. Consistency is slightly different from bugs in that it may be seen as improvements to currently existing systems such as quality of life changes.

Right now, the top three new features we plan to add are Clan Owned Control Points, Command Opportunity, and PAUs. These have been picked for many reasons, but not the least of which because we feel they will each add another unique element to Tabula Rasa.

Clan Owned Control Points

We've recently released some details on PvP improvements and Clan Owned Control Points. We feel improvements in this area will give a stronger reason to be in a clan, improving social ties and promoting competition. Also, this feature allows for re-playable content that is accessible by characters of in a large range of levels.

Command Opportunity

Command Opportunities will provide strong incentive for players to reach higher levels. Players will be able to invest time and effort into their subordinates to become more powerful and effective in team. This opens up a myriad of customization options. This also has an added side effect of making loot drops more valuable.


As well as providing another incentive to leveling, Personal Armor Units will provide a much needed visual identifier of stature on the battlefield. With PAUs we want players to look and feel impressive as well as the added benefits for each particular PAU.

As for our consistency goals, here are some of the things we are working on:

* Improving the weapons and armor in our game so they are more desirable and better understood.
* Continued improvements to classes based on both developer input and feedback from the players.
* Improving UI and our social systems. We want it to be easier to interact with friends and clan members.
* Consistency of experience through spawning (no more areas where I die instantly without some information telling me this might be a bad area).
* Improvements in delivery mechanisms of content to players. Allowing more checks and balances so content can be released only at the time it is meant to be released.

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