Age of Conan: Scaleskin Lizard & Vengeful Mummy

| 29 Feb 2008 23:46 is featuring a couple members of the Age of Conan bestiary. The Scaleskin Lizard and the Vengeful Mummy made their appearances in the last Funcom newsletter, but, in case you missed it, here's a bit of information about them:

The Vengeful Mummy

These twisted mockeries of human life are all that remains of the ill-fated victims of the Black Ring's quest for power. Slaves, criminals and those too weak to protect themselves from the dark sorcerers of the foreboding citadel that lurks behind Kheshatta disappear into its black halls and emerge as inhuman monsters.

Whether any flicker of life remains in them or if they are necromantic creations, the dead given unlife by corrupt sorcery, is unknown by the Stygian citizens of the City of Magicians. The truth is the still living victims are possessed by souls risen from hell, but which failed to survive the vile process of reincorporation performed by the sorcerers of the Black Ring.

Now they stand guard in the deepest bowels of the most blood soaked dungeon in all Stygia, below the Black Ring Citadel, the Onyx Chambers...

Head to the link above to see some screens and read about the Scaleskin Lizards.

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