Everquest 2: EQII: Game Update 43 Preview

| 29 Feb 2008 22:55

Game Update 43 gets highlighted in today's article at the official site. Packed with illustrative screenshots, here's some of what players will find in Update 43:

New Group Looting Options!

For Game Update 43 there will be a "Need Before Greed" option as well as a "Round Robin" option added to your looting options. These will not be forced upon the group, but additions to the list that's already available.

"Need before greed"

For those that think that the present "Lotto" system is not quite robust enough, you can choose to use the "Need Before Greed" option. In using this looting choice, when someone within your group loots an item, those within that group are given the option to select "need", "greed", or "decline" for each item in a chest. The item will be assigned to a random player within the group that chooses "need". If no players within the group choose "need", the loot item will be randomly assigned to a player within the group who chooses "greed".

"Round Robin"

When this group looting option is chosen, looted items will be assigned automatically to players in sequence within the present group.

Collectable Harvesting Changes!

Upcoming with Game Update 43, you'll be able to not only choose to keep a collectable when you harvest it, but the present group looting options will govern who that shiny may go to! "Shiny" collectables will soon work much like treasure chests, giving you the option of taking the item with you or setting that "shiny harvest" to lotto, need before greed or even round robin with others within your current group!

Check out the rest at the link above.

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