Pirates Of The Burning Sea: PotBS: The Noble Order of Toastmistresses

| 29 Feb 2008 22:59

PotBS lore has been updated at the official site. Highlighting the "Noble Order of Toastmistresses", here's a peek at who these intriguing individuals are:

As you can no doubt tell by the rising tide of great reviews and 21-gun salutes, Pirates of the Burning Sea is now one month old! To celebrate this milestone and thank the thousands of players who have already set sail with Flying Lab, we've dispatched the Noble Order of Toastmistresses to the four national capitals.

By complete coincidence, the order is also celebrating one month in the Burning Sea and after Friday's maintenance window, they'll be handing out a special mission that can earn you a unique piece of avatar outfitting you won't be able to find anywhere else: a Celebration Mask suitable for all your fancy balls, dignified coronations, or boarding parties.

Check out the rest and learn about the Order and its mission.

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