Fury: Fury: Tony Hilliam Interview

| 4 Mar 2008 23:54

MMORPG.com is featuring an interview with Auran CEO and Fury Lead Designer Tony Hilliam. Called "Catching Up With Fury", it's aptly titled. Here's a snip:

After Fury's various trip-ups at the starting line, it could be easy to pronounce the game as dead on arrival. But rumors of Fury's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Despite a poor showing early on, Auran managed to keep Fury alive and in the race with the Age of the Chosen expansion in December. While they didn't have the time or the funding to produce a game with the level of polish they wanted at launch, when December rolled around they were much closer to the version of Fury that they had envisioned. Age of the Chosen addressed many of the issues that the game had at launch, adding new game types such as Carnage and 1v1 Elimination, a streamlined tutorial section that players could return to at any time to practice their skills, and a number of combat tweaks, UI improvements, and bug fixes. Tony informed me that they have had a much higher player retention rate since Age of the Chosen, and in his opinion, "if Age of the Chosen had been at launch day, there would have been a different outcome."

Age of the Chosen wasn't the only good news when it came to player retention. Tony informed me that the game has done pretty well in Australia, and wasn't far behind their expectations for that region. In Australia Fury had the advantage of being the home team, where players were more likely to enjoy the fun parts, and be patient with the bad parts while the dev team worked to solve the game's shortcomings. Tony described the Aussie gamers as having more of a "glass half full" outlook for the game, where those in other regions where the game has been less successful have been a little pessimistic.

Fury fans definitely want to read this one.

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