City Of Heroes: City of Heroes: 48 Month Battle Awards

| 5 Mar 2008 23:41

The official site has been updated with the news that battle veterans of the past forty eight months will be receiving some special love:

48 Months: Battle Hardened

* Battle Hardened Badge
* Summon Pet Power: CHOICE: Light Fairy, Dark Fairy, Blue Wisp, Red Wisp, Shield Oscillator, Power Oscillator, Shield Drone, or Power Drone.

For the 4 year veteran reward, players receive the Battle Hardened badge and the choice of a Summon Pet Power.

There are 8 different pets the player can choose from. The Light Fairy, the Dark Fairy, the Blue Wisp, the Red Wisp, the Shield Oscillatory, the Power Oscillator, the Shield Drone, and the Power Drone. Each gives a specific bonus to you and your team.

You can check out the pet roster at the link above.

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