Eve Online: EVE Online Hilmar Petursson Interview

| 5 Mar 2008 22:48

MMORPG.com is featuring an interview with CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson. Focusing on business questions and the future of the company, here's a snip:

Beyond expansions we are told that in this coming summer, the dev team will be looking "aggressively" at the idea of story-based factional warfare that would see players be given PvE quests that would lead players into PvP. The hope is that this will get more players more excited about joining the living, breathing political world of Corps, PvP, territory control and more. All of this, we are told, will be done with the idea of maintaining the sandbox in mind. Once again, the company has recognized the potential threat that adding PvE content can have on a sandbox and is taking steps to prevent it.

There are lots more nuggets of information in the interview so check it out.

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