Stargate Worlds: Stargate Worlds Developer Interview

| 6 Mar 2008 01:03

Stratics Central is featuring an interview with Stargate devs Dan Elggren and Kevin Balentine. Here's a teaser for your reading pleasure:

Stratics: What is the maximum level a player will attain and what is the time commitment to the player in order to reach maximum level?

We are releasing with a maximum level cap of 50. How long it takes the player to reach that cap depends on the time a player puts into it. We anticipate that it will take approximately 200-300 hours of playtime to reach that level. Regardless of how much time a player spends ingame, we wanted people to be rewarded often for their play. This way players wouldn't feel as though they had to commit an entire evening to accomplish something. They can play for a half hour or an hour before dinner and get something out of it.

Check out the rest at Stratics.

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