Pirates Of The Burning Sea: Pirates of the Burning Sea Writing Contest

| 6 Mar 2008 23:46

As announced by Clackling on the official forums, there is a new contest for aspiring writers in the PotBS world:

Silence. The seas are calm. Suddenly, on the horizon, a ship appears. Followed by a hundred others. The French are coming, and I'm all that stands in their way. I will NOT allow them to take this port. I will die a thousand deaths before they take control of Bartica away from me. I am an Englishman, and this is my story.

My name is Clackling, and I am one of the many Boarding Party members of PotBS. Boarding Party representatives are people who participate in many aspects of the game and its community, from helping new sailors get on their feet, to organizing live meets around the globe, to creating fun contests like this one. We've decided to put together this contest to introduce ourselves officially to you, as well as give you a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Pirates of the Burning Sea has been out for 3 weeks now, and already there have been tales posted throughout the internet with amazing stories of courage, honor, loyalty, and just really cool events. On multiple servers, alliances are forming, port battles are raging, and the drama of the Caribbean is already unfolding. True patriots are rising each day from amongst the nations, and this is their chance to get their story told. We'd like players of all types to tell us their story. Tell us something amazing that has happened to you in your life as a ship captain thus far in PotBS. It's that simple.

Here are the official rules:

-Stories should be maximum 750 words. That's approximately 3 pages typed, in case you were wondering. There is no minimum, but keep in mind it should be long enough to get us involved in the story.
-Stories must be true. This actually must be something that has happened to you, or one of your friends, ingame. However, embellishment is highly encouraged. Make your story exciting, even if it only consisted of you sinking one NPC ship. If you don't have a fun story from within the game, you clearly haven't been playing enough! Go! Right now!
-If you have already posted your story anywhere on the 'net, you can feel free to resubmit it to this contest.
-Submissions must be emailed to boardingparty@gmail.com, and must include:
---Subject Line: "My name is <yournamehere>, and this is my story"
---Your character's name
---Your real name
---Your story
---At least one screenshot of your character. Feel free to help your story out with additional pictures if you feel it will add to your tale.
-Submissions must be received by Sunday, March 9th at 11:59PM PST (GMT-8).
-Stories will be judged solely by the Boarding Party and Flying Lab Software.
-Submissions will be made public after the contest is over, so that everyone has a chance to read the lovely stories we've collected!

Oh, right. I almost forgot the most important part. PRIZES! We will select five winners, who will each receive a Pre-order box signed by the developers, courtesy of Flying Lab Software! So if you missed your chance to get your blue parrot, special weapons, and game soundtrack, you're in luck!

Please email any questions about the contest to boardingparty@gmail.com. And lastly, if you're interested in applying to be a part of the Boarding Party, we're always taking applications here. Good luck!


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