Everquest 2: EQ II: Legends of Norath Inquisitor Release Events

| 6 Mar 2008 23:58

EQ II: Legends of Norath trading card players will have lots to look forward to from March 7-9, 2008. Celebrating the release of the Inquisitor card, here's what players can expect:

Celebrate the release of Inquisitor with release weekend sealed deck tournaments, scheduled to start March 7-9, 2008. Each player that enters an Inquisitor release weekend sealed deck tournament will receive one (1) random Inquisitor starter deck and three (3) Inquisitor booster packs to build their tournament deck. In addition, an exclusive promotional card, Burynai Rockshaper (3P2), will be provided to each player who participates in these events.

The details of each event are as follows:
Inquisitor Release Event
Entry Fee: 20 Event Passes
Format/Deck: Single Game Sealed Deck
256-player event
Each participant will receive one (1) random Inquisitor Starter Deck and three (3) Inquisitor Booster Packs to build their tournament deck.
Reward: Each participant will receive a Burynai Rockshaper (3P2) digital promo card for participating.
1st Place: 12 Inquisitor Booster Packs
2nd Place: 10 Inquisitor Booster Packs
3rd Place: 8 Inquisitor Booster Packs
4th Place: 6 Inquisitor Booster Packs
5th - 32nd Place: 3 Inquisitor Booster Packs
Everyone Else: 2 Inquisitor Booster Packs
*Rewards will scale with number of players
6-8 Rounds

Be sure to check the Events Calendar for specific times of the Inquisitor Release Weekend Events.


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