Tabula Rasa: Tabula Rasa: Weekend Update, March 10th

| 10 Mar 2008 22:55

The Weekend Wrap Up for the weekend ending March 10, 2008 has been posted. Here's what you'll find:

Get caught up on the latest in Community News!

Last Friday we put 1.6 on the Test Server, please check it out and send us your thoughts via the Feedback Form. We've already received lots of great feedback so far, so keep them coming!

Tabula Blogger

The first official TabulaCast contest starts tomorrow! Whether you are new to the game or a veteran you can take part!

What? A Hide-and-Seek contest where we will put up a riddle containing the clues as to where to find two Tabula Blogger members

Where? On the Centaurus (EU) server. The exact location will be told in a riddle that you'll need to figure out the day before the contest.

When? Tuesday, March 11th at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

Now as for prizes, we did mention on episode 13 that there will be 100 Charcoal Armor paints for the person who finds us first, but there's also a special addition to this prize: 100 White armor paints provided by Avatea!

Avatea will be turning up to bring the prizes!

For more information visit the Tabula Blogger.
The FIRST CLUE has been posted to help kick off your search. Cya there!

Also on the Tabula Blogger: A new Guide to Wilderness!

Live Fire Sports League's Kings of the Hill

Do you remember playing King on the Hill as a kid back on Earth? Well this is the same thing. Sure, you're now in the middle of a war zone, receiving fire from some butt ugly aliens but trust me, it's the same thing. Just run up that hill and make sure no one else takes it from you. Oh, did we mention you're armed?

Live Fire Sports League (LFS) is proud to host a direct elimination tournament for low level players. Teams of 6 players (max. level 10) will fight over control of Memory Tree Hill.

Date: March 29, 2008
Time: 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, 7:00pm Mountain, 6:00pm Pacific
Server: Orion
Map: Wilderness Zone (4)

Assembly point: Twin Pillars

Full details and rules are available on the PlanetTR website.

Sign up via the Live Fire Sports League Tournament Page.

About LFS League:Live Fire Sports League is the Player versus Player (PvP) ladder for Tabula Rasa. Our goal is to make the PvP experience in Tabula Rasa the best it can be. Our site is designed to allow members to interact, form teams and clans, lay down challenges and organize tournaments. The LFS crew also hosts special PvP events for glory and prizes. Do you have what it takes to be among the best fighters? Sign up to find out.

Be sure to check all the listed links for more information.

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