City Of Heroes: NCsoft Europe Podcast Features City of Heroes

| 11 Mar 2008 18:49

NCsoft Europe has released its first official Podcast with a behind-the-scenes discussion with Matt 'Positron' Miller, and Sean and Jen Dornan-Fish.

SR: Great, OK. So let's talk a little bit about Maticore and Sister Psyche, and the wedding itself. Jen, do you want to talk about how you and Sean met in real life?

JDF: Well in real life we actually met through my writing, I guess, technically! I applied for a job at NCsoft as a writer and I guess they sent them all to Sean because they wanted him to participate in the hiring process for the new Web Writer, so he picked a bunch of people's writing that he wanted to interview, and I was among those that he chose. So I guess that's really technically how we first met; the first time that we ever talked was in a phone interview for that position, but it wasn't until we met face-to-face when I went out for a business meeting that we actually got to meet in person.

You can hear the podcast over at PlayNC.

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