Jumpgate Evolution: Peterscheck Interview #2 at TTN

| 13 Mar 2008 01:51

Ten Ton Hammer released their second part of Jumpgate Evolution, with Producer Herman Peterscheck, who talked about the controls and combat systems and how they are handled in a space-based MMOs:

TTN: Combat is always a huge part of any space combat sim. What sort of guarantees can you give the gaming populace to assure them that Jumpgate has their dogfighting needs in mind?

Peterscheck: The wonderful thing about this is that the best way to "punish" a developer for executing a core game feature poorly is by not paying for the game. So I can guarantee you that if we make a space combat game with crappy combat we will not succeed as much as if we make the greatest space combat experience in history. So we are extremely motivated to create a great space combat experience. How do we know if we have a great dogfighting experience? Easy. People are dogfighting all the time and can't stop playing.

Read the rest at TenTonHammer.

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