Star Wars Galaxies: SWG: Q&A at Stratics

| 14 Mar 2008 00:30

Star Wars Galaxies site at Stratics recently had a chance to submit questions to SWG developers. Covering a wide range of topics, here's a teaser:

RainStar: The 57th Vet reward is very nice! One thing though, the community would like it so that this is a travel option instead of having to launch their ships. Any chance you can make the change?

Neif: Ah, glad you like the reward! We'd actually like to keep it as a pilot's reward - we like the sense of immersion that comes from flying to the system with your house, and touching down there from orbit. Also, we don't want to devalue our current personal transport vehicles (ships that a player can call down anywhere for an instant lift to a Starport).

RainStar: Will you delay the Update launch until you are sure all the fixes are working?

Neif: Yes! We are striving for quality on all of our releases, and if there are any fixes that are not working as designed, we will delay the patch. Hopefully this sits well with the players - we'd prefer to launch quality content a little later rather than put out mediocre content to meet a date.

There are some great screens and tons more to read at Stratics.

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