Jumpgate Evolution: Peterscheck: The Evolution of Evolution Interview

| 14 Mar 2008 19:54

MMORPG.com sat with Jumpgate Evolution's Producer, Hermann Peterscheck, and examined the most recent demo of the game. Naturally, many questions about the development progress and realism effects followed:

Personally, I like the way that this game is coming along. The look of the game alone is rather striking, as the guys from NetDevil seem to have succeeded in their attempt to create a space environment that is colorful and interesting. Watching the ship fly around, you can believe that you're in space, but it doesn't leave you with the same dark and isolated feeling that is often produced in a more "realistic" spacescape.

"Another area is "realism"." Hermann said to me as we discussed the subject of the game's look and feel, "I kind of think that games are escapism. I know space is black and empty and silent and void of things. But I wish it wasn't. I wish it was full of cool stuff to do and nice things to look at."

Read the full interview at MMORPG.com

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