Stargate Worlds: GDC'08 Report at Allakhazam

| 14 Mar 2008 23:45

Gaming site Allakhazam published a detailed report from the recent GDC, including an interview with CME's Kevin Balentine who covered several aspects of Stargate Worlds and a detailed class and faction descriptions:

* Archaeologist - The Archaeologist is an expert in societies, ancient and living. Once relegated to dusty desert digs and dry libraries, they are now an important asset in off-world exploration. With their extensive knowledge of cultures and societal interaction, they can disguise themselves to blend in with potentially hostile locals for intelligence gathering, confusing enemies or ambushing foes. Archaeologists also can specialize in aggro management and puzzle solving, making them capable solo characters and a valuable addition to any team.

* Asgard - The Asgard are the undisputed masters of technology in the Stargate universe. Similar in appearance to the grey aliens of popular myth, the Asgard are physically frail and rely on drones that hover around them, ready to attack, defend or analyze when called upon. Asgard can also call upon their mighty starships to deliver devastating orbital bombardments when faced with overwhelming odds. The Asgard are jack-of-all-trades characters with a wide skill set limited by the number of drones they can activate at any one time - generally just one. The Asgard can shift from a healer to damage dealer by activating a new drone.

* Goa'uld - In Stargate SG-1, the Goa'uld are rarely seen without their many servants. Early on, when we see Hathor rise from sleep alone in the midst of Cheyenne Mountain, she immediately uses her powers to seduce new servants from among the men of Stargate Command. In Stargate Worlds, the Goa'uld command minions who are eager to do their master's bidding. Goa'uld have a variety of servants at their disposal, making them almost as versatile in play as the Asgard. Some Goa'uld choose to specialize in the arcane technologies of the Ashrak like the phase cloak and specialized weapons designed for stealthy attacks. Goa'uld also have access to exotic poisons used to cripple enemies.

* Jaffa - Jaffa are the shock troops of the Stargate universe. Their staff weapons provide them with a devastating plasma bolt ranged attack and an overwhelming melee combat weapon. Jaffa can call upon their oaths, a special ability that improves the combat ability of their allies, particularly other Jaffa. Jaffa can learn to ignore some damage and continue fighting far beyond the capability of other Archetypes. Jaffa are the strongest characters and they are highly resistant to special attacks. If there is a stereotypical big guy with a sword in Stargate Worlds, it would be a Jaffa.

* Scientist - Teams regularly encounter advanced or esoteric technology when they explore new worlds, and this is where the Scientist Archetype is invaluable. Scientists can specialize in analyzing, repairing and using technological devices, using new technologies to craft personal upgrades and creating battlefield emplacements like gun turrets, shields or target inhibitors. Like the Archaeologist, Scientists are skilled at puzzle solving, though of a technological nature. They also can choose to be adept at healing and resurrection technology.

* Soldier - Every trip through the gate to a new world is a step into an unknown and often hostile environment. The Soldier Archetype is a battlefield veteran with the training and equipment to protect and enhance squad mates by pouring firepower into their enemies. Soldiers can specialize in weapons ranging from grenades and automatic weapons to powerful heavy weapons like machine guns, mortars and rocket launchers. Soldiers can gain basic healing skills, learn to use exotic weapons and lead teams.

* Commando - This Archetype represents highly-specialized warriors like covert agents, Green Berets and Delta Force. Commandos use stealth, demolitions and powerful single-target ranged attacks to disrupt, confuse and neutralize enemies. While able to use stealth effectively, the Commando Archetype also has access to detection technologies used to thwart stealthy foes. They can't use the variety of weapons available to the Soldier, but they make up for it with access to the sniper rifle and the ability to set up and detect traps.

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