Everquest 2: EQII: Interview with Kyle "Kander" Vallée

| 15 Mar 2008 23:41

EQ II Vault has an interview with Rise of Kunark designer Kyle Vallee. The interview deals with some of Vallee's background as a designer and then gets more specific with regard to Rise of Kunark:

Lady Scarlet: With Jarsath Wastes what was your inspiration for the Ganak's Battlement fight scene with the Droags attacking the Iksar?

Kander: I wanted to do something that had action and was alive and really got people's blood going! I also wanted to make evident the current struggle between the Legion and the Ring of Scale. Jim McClure really did an awesome job on the art; he was really a huge inspiration at all times! I went out and placed each one of those barricades by hand and then did all of the fights, which took me some time. When it was where I deemed it halfway done, art was telling me I have blown my budget! So I went to Gary Daugherty and asked him for the rest to be done in particle effects, which do not create near as much draw on the client. I asked for Dracurions flying around attacking the battlement, I wanted to see them get hit by arrows and then death spiral to the ground. If anyone has been to Ganak's Battlement, you can see that he did an amazing job!

Lady Scarlet: We understand you worked a bit on the Epic Quests. Which Epics did you work on and did you do the quests from start to finish or did each member of the team take a part in doing the different parts of the quests?

Kander: I did the Brigand, Ranger and Shadowknight Epic Weapons Quests. Each designer was responsible for full implementation of each epic that we were assigned. However as a team we did give each other a strong amount of feedback!

Lady Scarlet: What are some of your favorite "Easter Eggs" in EverQuest II either you have introduced or another designer?

Kander: That is tough! I would have to say the Fist Full of Metal or A Few Coins More quest series! I am a huge spaghetti western fan!

There's a lot more to read so check it out at EQ2 Vault.

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