Everquest 2: EQII: Brell's Day Lore

| 17 Mar 2008 11:52

EQ II Community Manager Savanja has written an excellent piece of lore describing Brell's Day. Featured at Ten Ton Hammer, here's the reason Brell is so widely loved by those who adore the "WILD SIDE":

Brell's Day is the sort of day that you cannot POSSIBLY dislike. Seriously? A day that pretty much celebrates bar brawls and drunkenness cannot be all that bad. There are no fluffy cute wittle bears or dainty heart cloaks here. This is a holiday a Lucan fearing man can get behind! Being barbarian means drinking is in my blood, so I can hang out, toss a few back, hunt for pink elephants, and even streak through Butcherblock without even a second thought. Can you?

These quests are meant for fun and give some very cool rewards, but quests are quests and we all like the experience! I got all these done in several hours of laid back questing and chatting, so you could either pound 'em out all at once or take your time and get them done over several days. Just remember, Brell's Day doesn't last forever and when it's gone, it's gone until next year!

*hic* Enjoy!

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