Stargate Worlds: Stargate Worlds Preview at Game Informer

| 18 Mar 2008 21:25

Game Informer magazine published an interview with Creative Director Chris Klung and studio head Dan Elggren from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, who commented on Stargate Worlds development and revealed bew content. The story also featured three new images, including the very first look at what combat will look like in the game itself:

Cheyenne's studio head, Dan Elggren, did disclose one interesting tidbit regarding battle. "The player and the AI can use the environment as a buff in combat. By taking up clear advantage points you receive a benefit not only in the damage you are dealing but in how much damage you will take. How I am using my position on the battlefield and the abilities that I have in my arsenal help dictate success or failure."

The complete story is available online for Game Informer subscribers, or find the issue at your nearest book or gaming store.

The exclusive images will be posted on very soon.

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