AoC Preview at Inc Gamers

| 19 Mar 2008 02:12 is featuring a preview of Age of Conan based on their visit to the Funcom studio. While a pretty standard preview, it is interesting to note:

The good news is you won't look like a "gay n00b" when you first enter the world thanks to the nifty addition of solo missions. 'Age of Conan' begins with a single player game, allowing players to familiarise themselves with the world and pick up items before entering the first city. Funcom promises a variety of items to pick up, ensuring level one players won't all turn up wearing hair shirts and rough cloth boots. The amazing graphics mean every item is individually detailed, down to rings, belts and different layers of armour and clothes, adding another aspect to your individuality.

"Gay n00b"? Well...that IS a good fact to know. *g*

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