Jumpgate Evolution: Design Philosophy with Hermann K. Peterscheck

| 21 Mar 2008 02:01

MMO Gamer is featuring an interview with Hermann K. Peterscheck, Lead Producer of Jumpgate Evolution. In it, Peterscheck discusses design and the reasons behind design decisions.

The MMO Gamer: It's been over six months since our last interview. At that time the game had just recently been announced, and details were, understandably, hard to come by.

So, let's see if we can get started with some details right off the bat: What has the team at NetDevil been up to since the last time we spoke?

Hermann K. Peterscheck: Heh! Lots. First of all our team has grown from 6 to 9 people, which has been helpful. At the time of the announcement we were mostly focusing on solidifying the graphics engine and basic game play issues - flying around, shooting stuff and so on.

Once we had performance and basic pipeline stuff working we began on implementing all the various things there are to do. That includes multiple types of guns, missiles, AI formations, UI enhancements; you name it. We've also been working on some more interesting features that I'm not ready to talk about quite yet.

This is simply an enormous article so be sure to check out all six pages!

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