Star Wars Galaxies: Friday Feature: Spoils of War

| 21 Mar 2008 20:51


Chapter 9 includes a number of new collections, including the first PvP collections in Star Wars Galaxies! The Galactic Civil War collections in Chapter 9 reward combatants for participating in the fight against the Rebellion or the Empire.

Player vs. Player Collections

Rebels and Imperials who defeat their opponents in the Galactic Civil War have a chance to receive a collection item upon victory.


Collecting "kills" of your fallen foes in Player vs. Player combat activates the Patch Collection or Rank Collection, which are new slayer collections in Chapter 9.

Collecting Patches imageRebels and Imperials must collect ten patches from their defeated enemies in order to complete the Alliance Patch Collection or the Imperial Patch Collection. Completing this collection rewards you with an insignia of the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. [/p]

Not only can these insignias be used for decoration, you can consume each insignia to earn Galactic Civil War faction points at any time. Use the radial menu on the Rebel Insignia or Imperial Insignia in your inventory and choose Claim Faction Points to earn 1000 points for completing the patch collections.

The insignias are No Trade and will disappear once the points are claimed.


Collecting Ranks

imageFighters in the Galactic Civil War can also collect the ranks of the enemies they slay in Player vs. Player combat. When you defeat a ranked officer, you have a chance to add the rank of your defeated enemy to your collection.

You must collect one of each rank in order to finish the Alliance Officer Rank Collection or the Imperial Officer Rank Collection. Like the patch collections, you will be rewarded with an insignia of the Rebel Alliance or the Empire for defeating your enemies. Insignias earned by completing rank collections bestow 2500 Galactic Civil War points when claimed.

The rank collections and the patch collections are repeatable, and all four can be completed if you switch sides in the Galactic Civil War. The patch and rank collections cannot be finished by slaying factional NPCs; you must defeat your enemies in PvP combat to earn these rewards.

Factional Slayers

New collections for killing factional NPCs are also part of Chapter 9. Slaying a number of factional enemies and elite factional enemies also grants Rebel and Imperial Insignia rewards.

Infiltrating the Bases

Not only can Galactic Civil War combatants participate in slayer collections, fighters storming static enemy bases on Naboo, Talus, and Corellia can also obtain collection items located inside the base.


Once you have infiltrated an enemy base, keep your eyes peeled for a special collection item hidden in the base. These collection items can only be claimed by one person per hour. These collections also reward the participants with Rebel and Imperial insignias that grant 2500 points in the Galactic Civil War.

If you enjoy defending the Empire or the Rebellion in the Galactic Civil War, be sure to take part in these collections in Chapter 9!

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