Everquest 2: Update 44 Preview

| 21 Mar 2008 21:06

EQ II devs have released a preview of the next update, #44. Focusing on issues around the Shard of Hate, here's what players can anticipate:

The Shard of Hate has appeared, sending some of the inhabitants of Norrath into a blind fury! Fights are breaking out in some of the major cities due to the overspill of hate-energy, and you can choose to either help cleanse the hearts of those that are affected by assisting Priests of Love or you can choose to further deepen the hate by assisting the members of the group named "The Dead".

Ranged weapons users rejoice! You can now choose to display your equipped bow instead of your melee weapons! Much like being able to see helms and other head-worn items, that will be easily chosen within your "Persona" menu, in the "Options" sub-menu. This works on mannequins, too!

Not to be outdone by their Qeynosian counterparts, the Coalition of Tradesfolke in West Freeport is in the process of refurbishing their headquarters to provide more convenient facilities for crafters under the scrutinizing eye of Lord Lucan.

There are two new armored Wargs now available in Kunark, one bred for battle and one trained to better handle under pressure for those that choose to wield magic! You'll soon be able to get these riding beasts through your actions and adventures in that wild terrain!

Rangers, you've been heard! Upcoming in Game Update 44, ranged ammunition will be adjusted to have a minimum level that represents the start of that ammunition's tier! Ranged weapons will no longer scale down to a lower level unless the ammunition you've chosen to use is significantly lower than your presently equipped ranged weapon.

Come back next week, and I might just have some images to tempt you with, too!

Sounds like a decent update!

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