Guild Wars: Guild of the Week: Passionate Kiss of Nosferatu [KISS]

| 27 Mar 2008 00:36

The Guild of the Week has been announced at the official site. Called Passionate Kiss of Nosferatu [KISS], here are some of the details about this bunch:

The Passionate Kiss of Nosferatu is more than one guild. Rather, it's an assortment of various guilds, all sharing the [KISS] tag. And with over 800 members, it is hardly surprising that the KISS tag proliferates widely throughout Guild Wars.

What is the history of the guild?

[KISS] has been around almost two years and was built solely for Guild Wars.

Do you have a guild philosophy? What does the guild aim to achieve?

Teamwork, involvement from everyone, regular faction donations, hints and tips, and much more.

Why does your guild work?

Stability within the leadership, officer commitment, and all round good team work! A leader doesn't make a guild. The members do.

Check out the link above for more about KISS.

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