Warhammer Online: Mark Jacobs and the Age of Reckoning Release Delay

| 27 Mar 2008 03:16

Gamespy has an interview with Mark Jacobs about the announcement that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has been pushed back to a fall release. It begins with the most obvious question:

GameSpy: Warhammer Online has been delayed again -- until when, and why?

Mark Jacobs: The when is fall '08. As to why -- pretty much the same reason as before. When we go into development and go through the various phases of beta, we gather a lot of information, feedback, suggestions. We also see how much of that phase was implemented by the team. What has been happening, and this happened the last time, is that the team is getting everything done, but they're cutting into our polish time. So we had a choice. We could be feature-complete by the end of the second quarter, which was our last release date, and release the game unpolished, or we could extend it and do a lot of polishing.

And so begins another of the age old discussions amongst gamers: "Should the game be pushed or polished?" What do you think? Let us know on our forums.

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