Star Wars Galaxies: SWG Game Update 2.1

| 27 Mar 2008 20:44

The SWG dev team released a minor fix to Game Update 2 today. Apparently, there were some problems with shipborne weapons:


Star Wars Galaxies: Game Update 2.1
Publish Notes, March 27, 2008


  • A previous attempt at fixing an exploit led to a small amount of starship weapons being inadvertently lumped in as exploited.  No weapon was affected by this issue that has not been reverse engineered. These weapons were converted to their average weapon fire rate in an attempt to keep them from being abused. This fix reverts those weapons to their previous fire rate or a slightly lower fire rate.

    If you removed a weapon from a ship that was modified by the previous fix, re-equip it to the same ship and it should revert to its previous value.

    If your weapon is still not fixed in this update, please submit an in-game ticket. Customer Service has detailed instructions on how to help affected players and has logs of all weapons that were affected.

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