Star Wars Galaxies: Friday Feature: Make a Long Story Short

| 28 Mar 2008 21:13


If you are a storyteller who runs regular events, the blueprints in Chapter 9: The Fury of Exar Kun will help you to save time and effortlessly set your scene! Blueprints allow a storyteller to lay out a scene with storyteller props, save that scene, and deploy it quickly and easily.

Storyteller Blueprints

The storyteller vendor near the NPC theaters in each city offers a blueprint for sale.


Browse the wares in Other to find the Blank Storyteller Blueprint available for purchase. A blueprint is used to save your scene and re-use the same scene at a later time, or to trade or give to other players.


Other storyteller options new in Chapter 9, such as tokens to set a storyteller NPC as a boss or elite, can also be purchased.

Once you have a blank blueprint, it's time to create your story. Don't forget to purchase your prop, NPC, and effect tokens from the storyteller vendor before heading out!

Making a Scene

Use the storyteller tokens to prepare your scene. The new ground targeting indicator makes placing your scene easier than before.


When placing a prop or NPC, keep in mind that it will face the direction your character is facing when placed.

imageUse the radial menu on the blank storyteller blueprint in your inventory and choose Save Blueprint Data to save the complete scene.

Props, effects, and NPCs within 100m will be saved to the blueprint. There is a limit of 200 storyteller items that can be saved in each blueprint. Only storyteller objects that belong to you will be saved to it. Some unique storyteller objects will not be saved in a blueprint, such as storyteller vendors, race coordinator droids, and jukeboxes.

Whether or not a prop has been flagged as destructible will not be saved, nor will a prop that has been made into a jukebox. The combat level and difficulty for combat NPCs will be saved and restored when deployed.

The appearance of the blueprint in your inventory will change to indicate that a scene has been saved.

Re-Tell Your Story

Now that the storyteller scene has been saved, you can use the saved blueprint to stage the same scene over and over again whenever you want. The props, NPCs, and effects will be placed exactly how you originally set the scene.

You must have all of the required storyteller tokens loaded into the blueprint in order to deploy the scene. The number of tokens necessary to lay out your story can be seen in the Examine window of the storyteller blueprint.


Use the radial menu on the blueprint and choose Load Tokens from the Blueprint Options menu to drag the tokens from your inventory into the blueprint. When a token has been loaded into a blueprint, there is no way to retrieve it.

Once the blueprint is loaded with tokens, you're ready to re-tell your story!

Choose Deploy Blueprint in the blueprint radial menu, and use the ground targeting indicator to place the scene. The storyteller tokens will be consumed as the props, NPCs, and effects are placed exactly as you saved them in your first story.


Each object that will be placed by the blueprint must comply with normal storyteller rules for placement. If just one object would be in a disallowed location, then the entire blueprint will fail to deploy.

The Blueprint Options in the radial menu also allow you to save a completely new scene to the blueprint, as well as copy the saved blueprint to another blank blueprint in your inventory. Blueprints are tradeable, so you and your friends can quickly and easily tell the same story across the galaxy.

Only the designer or initial creator of a blueprint can make copies of their blueprint. Anyone else who obtains a blueprint from someone else will be unable to copy it. Moreso, if a storyteller deploys a blueprint they did not design, the objects created will be their responsibility but will not be able to be saved into a new blueprint because they were laid out in a design created by someone else.

If you resave a new scene onto a blueprint that already had tokens loaded into it, those old tokens will be lost when the new scene overwrites the old scene.

With the new blueprints and other great additions to the storyteller system in Chapter 9: The Fury of Exar Kun, event promoters will have great tales to tell!

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