Neverwinter Nights 2: NWN Podcast Interviews Adam Miller

| 29 Mar 2008 12:13

NWN Podcast has scored a huge hit with their latest interview of Hall of Fame module maker Adam Miller. Known for his classy NWN 1 modules and his Dark Waters modules for NWN 2, Miller is major player in the NWN community.

Well gang we are back to weekly shows! So join Michele and Dave in the 48th episode of the only Neverwinter Nights Podcast!

For the main interview, we have the legend, the only one who does Death, the Adam Miller!! We caught Adam several weeks ago, but now he is fresh off his release of Dark Waters 2 for NWN2.

In the news:

* Patch 1.12 Released For NWN2
* Hook Hands Unique Custom Content Released by Jonny Ree
* Patch 1.69 for NWN1 Nearing Release (NWNP Exclusive)
* NWN 2 Gold Available in US on 4/29/08 Includes OC and MOTB

Next episode we will have an interview with Dave Crowell aka Eat2Surf!

Until next time,

Get in game and level up!

A GREAT interview so be sure to grab it!

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