Tabula Rasa: Skitterin Hybrids Announced

| 1 Apr 2008 22:52

Play TR announced a new playable class, the Skitterin Hybrids.


Due to overwhelming feedback from the Tabula Rasa Community, we are proud to announce our latest addition to the Hybrid Series: The Skitterin Hybrid. Hey, YOU asked for it! Let us delve into the past of one of the newest playable classes and find out how this soldier...was created.

One late night, in Dr. Morton's lab, AFS Clone Technician Jimmy Dunlap was conducting an experiment on the prolonged effects of cloning on human DNA. Jimmy's main goal was to identify a simple gene that would allow for faster recovery and increased agility in battle for clones. He knew if he could single out the gene that is responsible for the increased metabolism and recovery rate in certain creatures, he could create a new race of clones with all the advantages, and none of the downsides. In a rush to test his latest theory Jimmy worked throughout the night, trying to extract the right combination of DNA from the various creatures on Foreas. At last Jimmy found the gene he needed from an unlikely source - a Skitterin.

Jimmy couldn't wait to use this new DNA strand in the next cloning session. He knew that to get his discovery green lit by High Command, he would have to go through months of paperwork and technicalities. Unwilling to wait another moment and with his DNA concoction already prepped, Jimmy entered the cloning chamber.

Once the cloning process was complete, Jimmy peered into the adjoining chamber. It was obvious something had gone completely wrong. A large human sized, bipedal form covered with fur lay unconscious inside the chamber. The skitterin gene had more of an effect then Jimmy anticipated, and he quickly ran to notify Dr. Morton.

Dr. Morton was in shock. Jimmy had created the first Skitterin Hybrid. He immediately observed that the hairy mass contained the strength and build of a human, but as an unfortunate turn, the intelligence and instincts of a Skitterin. Several key abilities usually embedded into the clone were missing. Jimmy's higher brain functions, such as memory and language, were simply gone.

Through many weeks, Dr. Morton and his staff observed the Skitterin Hybrid, now known as Buster. Soldiers complained immediately about the research. They noted that when they would try to read a book or work on their computer, Buster would lie in front of them to get attention. Also, Buster spent most of his day laying in the sun and catching Lumin. They tried to train Buster for battle, but he fell short in many ways. Not only was he an overall nuisance to other AFS soldiers, he was easily distracted by shiny objects and lights, creating even more danger for the troops. Fellow soldiers were also disgusted that instead of showering after a long day on the Front Lines, Buster would lick himself clean. The final blow came when he marked his territory in several different barracks, and again in the mess hall during evening rations.

After two weeks, Dr. Morton's initial research was complete. He and his staff agreed that the Skitterin Hybrid was completely useless in combat, and provided no sort of usefulness at any of the AFS bases. Ultimately, they ordered more testing and confined Buster to the research facility that created him. They knew these new hybrid soldiers could have a purpose on the AFS Frontlines, it was simply a matter of refining the cloning technique. This is exactly was Dr. Morton and his staff are trying to figure out. So far, all progress on this program has been deemed classified.

Be sure to check out the full image. Oh and...Happy April Fools Day!

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