Neverwinter Nights 2: Thieves' Guild & NWN 2 Mods Combine Forces

| 8 Apr 2008 05:00

Word came today from Thieves' Guild about a big announcement for today, Tuesday, April 8, 2008. Their words are the best:

Thieves' Guild is very pleased to announce that NWN2 Mods has chosen us as their official partner. Effective immediately, Thieves' Guild will now offer all of the NWN2 Mod pre-fab content in an exclusive dedicated section devoted to the incredible work produced by Mike Weimholt. This section includes full page descriptions of the pre-fab areas (that we have tried to faithfully reproduce from the NWN2 Mod site)in addition to screenshots of the areas as well as links to the NWN2 Mod forums. We are extremely proud that Mike has chosen us as his official partner in offering this fantastic content to the NWN2 modding community.

In addition, Thieves' Guild now offers 4 custom portrait packs containing over 160 portraits for NWN2. (The portraits require that you be patched to v1.12)

image image

image image image

Plus we've done a total overhaul of our map section for the Original Campaign with 118 new fully annotated maps.

Congratulations to NWN 2 Mods & Thieves' Guild!

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