Star Wars Galaxies: Upcoming Starsider GCW Event: 8-26-03

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[blockquote]Date: August 26th
Starting Location: Keren for Imperials, Moenia for Rebels
Battle Location: Deeja's Peak
Starting Time: 7:30pm Central Time Zone
Duration: 2 hours, 9:30pm Central Time Zone
Current Participating Organizations: The Shards of Aldaraan, The Guardians, The Imperial Order, The Resistance, The Trinity Republic, Sterling Order of Knights, The Ghost Syndicate, Nominis City and many others

Preparation for Event
The Rebel Army will assemble in Moenia and the Imperial Army will assemble in Keren prior to the event. There all participants will be able to clone and declare faction. There is no cloning center in Deeja's Peak so in order to clone you must do so at the two starting cities. All participants must declare faction in the beginning.

At approximately 7:30pm central time zone the armies will begin making their way to Deeja's Peak. While you may shuttle in, it is not advised as there will probably be multitudes of opposing faction people doing the same thing. Do so at your own risk.

Rules of Engagement
The goal of this event centers around the "capture" of 3 separate buildings located in Deeja's Peak. Two referees dressed all in white will be the moderators for each of the three buildings and will ultimately decide which faction controls the building.

To Capture a Building There Must Be atleast 5 Overts of one Faction in the Building and No Opposing Faction Overts at the end of the 2 hour battle duration. If a building is in contention at the duration of the event no person can enter that facility. If a moderator sees a person enter the facility, the faction that person represents automatically loses control of that facility.

Victory Conditions
Each building is assigned a specific number of points. Final victory will be determined by whichever side has the most number of these "buildings points"

These are the building "targets of opportunity":

1 points - The Capitol
2 point - The Theatre
1 point - The Hotel

Additional Notes
No stipulation is being made for the shuttleport. By its very nature the shuttle port is a target of opportunity, but because this structure could change hands multiple times over the duration of the battle it is advisable to NOT take the shuttle unless you are sure your faction is in control of the facility

The Moderators located in each building and myself can also provide assistance before and during the event if you so require. I will post the moderators names as soon as I have them available. Additionally, if any type of griefing occurs please contact one of us and we will access the situation for possible intervention.

Background for Conflict

Coronet, Corellia
Colonel Ghent looked about the crowded cantina searching for the secret contact he was supposed to meet here. It had been a long day of organizing regiment structure and preparing resources for his companies flight home out of the local public starport and he was glad to finally be able to kick back and take a load off on a nice hard drink. To his side stood his personal bodyguard, Commander Walker of the Resistance.

The cantina located in the heart of Coronet was always a great place for secret meeting of the sort he was about to join. It was almost perpetually loaded with all sorts of different people from all over the Galaxy. It was a haven for mercenaries, tradesmen, artisans of all sorts, and it's electic nature always made for some interesting times. One thing Ghent did not like about it though was how always crowded it was: people always bumping into you, it always took 5 minutes to yell down the bartendar and another 5 minutes to transfer the credits and actually get your drink. Today was an exceptionally crowded day.

Shoving his way through the crowd (Walker actually pickedup and moved one slow Twi'lik) Ghent was finally able to spot his contact at the far end of the bar located in one of the many cubbyholes located around the perimeter of the group.: Alazar Tharkis, Commander of the Guardians Rebel force.

Despite being officially declared for about a month the Rebellion was still in its infancy and clandestine meetings like this at unexpected times and unexpected places was still the typical way for Rebel leaders such as this to meet.

Since the battle of Kor Vella the Imperial forces had begun to mobilize and multiple Star Destroyers under the command of Admiral Piat were crisscrossing the Galaxy in an effort to locate the various compartmentalized Rebel forces that were still working hard to collaborate more together. This was one of those attempts.

Walking towards the cubby Ghent was sent sprawling to the ground as a loud mouthed Bothan who had had far too much to drink was ricketing along trying to find some way to get out of the closed quarters of the cantina. Walker helped him get up off the grimy floor and proceed to the cubby hole.

Alazar was not alone. Beside him sat a large Wookie and upon introductions he was discovered to have the name Kotagg.

"Good to see you have arrived, Colonet", Alazar simply stated as Ghent and Walker took their seats.

"It took awhile to get here, but hopefully this meeting will be the first of many", replied Ghent as he sat down at the dirty table.

"Our strike at Kor Vella was relatively a success. Since then we've been hiding out in various locations and running from Imperials. They seem to be getting more organized. I think our proposed plan should help alleviate that problem."

Ghent looked around the cantina trying to locate any possible wandering eyes or ears. "I agree, Deeja's Peak would be an excellent next step in our rescue of Naboo. It's not that far from our main base on Moenia and it has many sympathisers to the cause. Also, from my perspective, it's a great location for a military stronghold that is located in a naturally defensible location."

Alazar nodded and continued "Word is spreading about this plan. I'll continue to pass on the information among my circles and hopefully the Rebellion can come together again and rendevouz in Moenia. It's about time we begin another offensive."

Ghent looked around the bar again. He had already been in one location for too long and that was not his style. "The Imperials will be ready this time. We have to move quickly and strike fast and hard. This will be a big blow to the Empire. I'll see you at the rendevouz.

With a final "May the Force be with you", Walker and him got up and disappeared into the general populace.

Theed, Naboo
The transmission was fuzzy, but it was enough to get the general idea. The Bothan had only oblidged to spy at great cost to the Empire, but it was more than worth it.

"<static>rendevouz <static> Deeja's Peak <static> next <static> rescue of Naboo" blared forth from the speakers in the strategy and communications room located deep within the Royal Palace.

Gen'aside Drax looked around the room at the group that had been hastily assembled.

"We have a location, but not a time. I would imagine it will be fairly soon.", he stated as deliberation began on the best approach to the situation.

"We have a strong Imperial outpost located in Keren, if we assemble there we can lead a strong counter-offensive. We may not be able to get there in time to hold Deeja, but we will be there in time to lead a strong assault.", came the

strong and sturdy voice of General Spoon. "But we should make our way quickly, we don't know how fast these Rebels are, but if Ghent is involved you know it will be quick and very precise."

"I agree, it's decided then. I will see you all in Keren. The Emperor will be pleased when we report the complete decimation of this Rebel offensive."

The room dispersed quickly as word spread.

In the mountains of Naboo nestled the city of Deeja's Peak. It was a serene location, not one that you would expect for an event which would bring death and destruction, but the Galaxy was embroiled in a conflict where no place was safe and the strangest of places could become catalysts for the turning of the tide. Whether or not this was the turning of the tide was soon to be discovered, but for what it was worth this was going to be another page in the annals of the war.

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