Age of Conan: PvP System Update

| 18 Sep 2008 00:41

PvP leveling is now a part of Age of Conan thanks to today's update. It is the first of a series of updates to the entire PvP system in the game. Check out what else changed today below.

With todays update the first step of the PvP System Update has been introduced to the Age of Conan live servers. Read here what exactly this includes and what future updates have in store.

PVP levels and statistics


This update now activates the PVP leveling system. You can now gain PVP levels by engaging in your normal PVP activities, be it world PVP, siege encounters or defeating your foes in the PVP mini-games. There are ten PVP levels in total that you can work through to prove your worth on the battlefield.

Your PVP stats are now also active in your character tab, keeping track of your performance in PVP.

In addition your new PVP armor ratings come into play now that the system is active. These provide additional mitigation of damage against damage that comes from other players. The new PVP armors will be the primary means of raising these ratings, although we will look to add additional means of raising these PVP defensive ratings in the future.

Diminishing Returns

Diminishing returns have also been set on PVP XP. This means that you receive less and less of a benefit from killing the same person in quick succession. This is an area that we will most likely continue to tweak and adjust over time. It is the type of feature that will require some additional feedback from the live servers to get exactly right. For the launch we have tried to set it a little conservatively to ensure that it isn't abused or exploited. That doesn't mean though that we aren't open to adjusting it further in the future once we see how people progress with the current system in place.

New Armories and PVP rewards

So other than the obligatory bragging rights what will the new PVP levels provide? That's where the new PVP specific gear comes in. Each class has a special new set of blue armor for PVP levels one to five

You will be able to visit new armory locations in all the racial hubs, these special shops stock new PVP based items for players to access. Vendors in the armories will stock you up with great new items starting as low as level twenty, as you progress through your normal levels and the PVP levels then you will find more and more accessories and armor and finally weapons that you can purchase in the armory.

Different vendors appear in the armory as you level up so be sure to check back as you progress.

PVP gear will come in all shapes and sizes. At level eighty there are new blue armor sets that are class specific, while for those not yet at the maximum level you can find an armor set for each of the armor types with upgrades available as you level up. Maximum level players will also get access to a great new set of blue weapons.

All of the PVP items introduced in this update reward players for levels one through five in the PVP progression system. New epic items that serve levels six through ten will be introduced in coming updates, and on the subject of coming updates...

Future Updates

This update is just the start of the planned PVP updates. Next up will come the PVP consequence (or Notoriety) system. Now we had hoped to include both at the same time, however the consequence system needed some extra work to be fully realized. Since we took the decision to support the idea of players being 'notorious' in PVP and including consequences for their actions we felt it was important to ensure we did it properly. We saw from the feedback on the test server that we needed to make sure there are more than just penalties to notoriety system when it arrives and want to take a little extra time to account for as many of the scenarios as possible so that the PVP game-play itself isn't diminished on the servers.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this over the next few weeks as we get closer to rolling out the second part of the PVP update to the test server.

Also, as mentioned above, you will see more PVP items added to the game in the form of the rewards for the PVP levels six through ten. These class specific epic armor sets will also have great new visuals and be a prestigious reward for those who battle up the PVP levels.

Log in and grab the update.

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