MapleStory Has More Than 92 Million Players

| 7 May 2009 23:02

Everyone knows that MapleStory is big, but we had no idea that it's this big. The free-to-play MMOG has more than 92 million players, publisher Nexon revealed today.

And, four years after launching in North America, MapleStory has more than 92 million players worldwide. Believe it or not, the free-to-play 2D MMOG that's all the rage with the kids these days boasts an absolutely staggeringly huge playerbase, with six million of those players calling North America their home.

Sure, those numbers could probably be fudged to count inactive accounts, but the fact that MapleStory is a phenomenon is pretty hard to avoid. It's not just that there are people playing the game, publisher Nexon argues, but that there's a vibrant online culture surrounding it. "Players have turned MapleStory into an online video mainstay through blogs, community fan sites and fan videos," Nexon wrote in a press release. "Over 200,000 videos are available by searching MapleStory at YouTube."

A YouTube search for "MapleStory" reveals that Nexon aren't kidding around (though they did round the number up), as it returned "about 190,000" videos, including such treasures of the internet as "How to pick up girls in MapleStory," "MapleStory Geico Spoof" and "MapleStory Puke Contest."

The fourth anniversary celebration for the game will feature a number of special events in-game, including special anniversary weapon drops, item upgrades, and a prize giveway, among other happenings.

"We are very grateful to our loyal fans and this celebration is for them," Min Kim, Nexon America's Vice President of Marketing, said. "MapleStory fans have helped create something special and we're going to reward them with new, exciting content to enjoy throughout the summer and beyond."

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Its mildly entertaining but its free and harmless. Whats not to like, good on yourself Maplestory.

If that number also includes inactive acounts I bet there's less than a third of those accounts that's active. I made a Maple Story account once, played it for 15 minutes and never touched it again.

I used to play that, nice game if you don't like too muich grinding, but don't mind some.

Holy shit......... there is no possible way for me to react to this. Surprise? Disgust? Humility for being the same species as these people?....... maybe not that last one. Browser games are addictive.

It's no browser game...

I think Maplestorys highly unique gameplay is what did this, and I think this is really good. Because while I played, it was really fun. I've been considering getting back into it, actually.

Amazing story about the little F2P, microtransaction title from SEA that could. Whether the numbers are dead on or not, still an amazing success story for Nexon.

I used to play...about 3 years ago.

It's so much fun to sit in a chair after every single fight.

Oh crap...This brings back bad memories...

Christ, Maplestory, there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

Holy shit.

I played Maple Story for about a week once, but it just wasn't fun enough for me to continue.

EDIT: Then again, MMOs have never really held my attention for long.


..........holy shit.

Using very complex mathematical equations and algorithms, that's only about.........


8 million away from a billion!

A freakin' billion

Though I'd guess that many of those are remade characters from the same person, my friends do that alot.

Is this where I do the *faceplam*?

Anyway, I really do think a good portion are multiple-account users.

how many though? *twitch* OVER 9 THOOUUUSAANNDDDD?

Why is it so popular? Because unlike most other MMOs of its size, its free with a very easy chat and trading system. Doing group missions is easy too and the computer you run it on doesn't have to be that high spec.

My mate had a few accounts and he even got me into it for a while. I can safely say that if I were to play an MMO again it would be Maple Story, just because it is easy setup, easy user interface, lots of people, most of whom are nice and a very nice learning curve to the game.

In short, in a world where WoW is MMO crack cocaine, MS is its more addictive, liquid brother.

From what I heard that game was addictive meaning there wouldn't really be too many girls playing the games. I'm predicting 80% or more of those who play would be from China or Korea.

That's it, stop the world I want out...
Played it and found it boring, I just don't get how this game could become so popular.

I'll second that.

Next time I feel like shortening my life span by a few years, I'll just start eating thumbtacks. It'd be less painful.

Those people don't deserve their time. I almost wish I could had a "procrastinator" to steal their time and use for myself =P

Kudos if you get the reference.

I am eternally surprised by the references people drop.

Keane Ng:
Okay. I should have made that say "Everbody under the age of 12" knows that MapleStory is huge.

Sure, it's childish, and there's the Smega spammers saying Looking for Girlfriend (except in horrible almost unreadable English), and there are only monotonous tasks, and to get to the fun content you need real money, and after you finally level up, there is little incentive... Wow, actually, never mind my point I was going to originally going to point out...

However, I must say, using Meso Explosion is fun...

I can't believe it, Apoclypse has arrived. Every religion must be wrong because i do not see my savior right now come to cleanse the human race of 92 million idiots. i played that game back in middle school with 5 friends, and it was okay, we all had a little fun with until you hit about level 25, where you stop gaining lagit amounts of experience. we had reached level 40 when we realized that it had taken us a whole day to gain a level. a single level. one entire day. The one after that, we all simultaneously quit. The art direction wasn't too bad if your into that kind of stuff, but paying ten bucks in real life for inanimate clothes is a dumb idea. The classes were entertaining, but all it is repetitive grind with absolutely nothing else to do.

I don't understand what people have against paying money for a video game monthly. It's not like the companies just eat your cash and crap on your face in return. They generally provide a good product and nice service, and games that are actually worth playing. I hate people who tell me that it's $15 a month. So what?! i get paid that for two hours of work! If you care so much about $15 a month, why did you spend at the very least $500 on what would be a really bad computer. If your so poor that you can't spare $15 a month, you need to stop playing maple story and rethink your priorities, such as getting a real job and then a real game.

ITS OVER 90,000,000!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I'm done. Anyway, it's a major time waster and all the fun is gone when you hit about level 17. I think it's fine for kids, they don't need a girlfriend at age 9 or stuff like that.

For anyone wondering why it's popular, here it is:
Because it's fun at 5 A.M.
At least, for me anyway.

Now then, time to go re-DL for the Four Year events.

I used to play, but I mean, good god, this is scary. Granted, it's no WOW killer(sadly) but hey.

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