MapleStory Has More Than 92 Million Players

| 7 May 2009 23:02

Everyone knows that MapleStory is big, but we had no idea that it's this big. The free-to-play MMOG has more than 92 million players, publisher Nexon revealed today.

And, four years after launching in North America, MapleStory has more than 92 million players worldwide. Believe it or not, the free-to-play 2D MMOG that's all the rage with the kids these days boasts an absolutely staggeringly huge playerbase, with six million of those players calling North America their home.

Sure, those numbers could probably be fudged to count inactive accounts, but the fact that MapleStory is a phenomenon is pretty hard to avoid. It's not just that there are people playing the game, publisher Nexon argues, but that there's a vibrant online culture surrounding it. "Players have turned MapleStory into an online video mainstay through blogs, community fan sites and fan videos," Nexon wrote in a press release. "Over 200,000 videos are available by searching MapleStory at YouTube."

A YouTube search for "MapleStory" reveals that Nexon aren't kidding around (though they did round the number up), as it returned "about 190,000" videos, including such treasures of the internet as "How to pick up girls in MapleStory," "MapleStory Geico Spoof" and "MapleStory Puke Contest."

The fourth anniversary celebration for the game will feature a number of special events in-game, including special anniversary weapon drops, item upgrades, and a prize giveway, among other happenings.

"We are very grateful to our loyal fans and this celebration is for them," Min Kim, Nexon America's Vice President of Marketing, said. "MapleStory fans have helped create something special and we're going to reward them with new, exciting content to enjoy throughout the summer and beyond."

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That is a crazy amount! 92 million?! I have seen ads for this thing but holy crap!

Tell me about it! I mean, it didn't look all that impressive to me, but if it's that popular, it must be for good reason...

All I can say is play a real fucking MMO. This is ridiculous.

it's only fun when you're playing with a friend (who doesn't have anything else)
or a girlfriend who doesn't play any other games =.= lol

Maple Story was great fun, but then I made Firefox my default browser and since Maple Story only supposts IE for connecting to its servers, I stopped playing (mostly because I never figured out that it was trying to connect through Firefox).

That's pretty tasteless...

I don't see what there's to like about Maple Story. I mean, I can certainly see fine points in UO, Daoc, WoW, AoC, Eve and pretty much all the big MMOs out there.

But a 2-d game that pretty much has you farm the same monsters for ever and ever without reaching anywhere? And has incredibly silly graphics? Urgh.

Those people don't deserve their time. I almost wish I could had a "procrastinator" to steal their time and use for myself =P

Kudos if you get the reference.

Eh, it looks like a cool and cute game, but believe me. Unless your a huge fan of ridiculous grind fest, then stay away from it.

I played the game until I had a level 40 archer. I was busy killing off a round of enenmies when realization sank in as I stared at my experience bar.

0.10 Exp. . .

I was gaining only 0.10 exp for every enemy I killed. . .And for the last few hours, I was actually satisfied with this. . .

My god, what a friggin time waster that was.

I've stayed away from MMORPGs after that experience. . . .Don't do it.

Okay. I should have made that say "Everbody under the age of 12" knows that MapleStory is huge.

Nexon is an awful company, I wouldn't be surprised if they just tacked a 9 on the front.

"The free-to-play MMOG has more than 92 million players,"
ITS OVER 9000!

I play Maple Story every once in a while and I'm waiting for the DS version now. Makes me wonder if it will be any good. In fact, I wonder if its really coming out at all?

Edit:the DS game was announced originally at E3 2006.
It was first projected to be released in September 2007.
We're in 2009.

That's it, stop the world I want out...
Played it and found it boring, I just don't get how this game could become so popular.

Lvl 64 Klutz:

..........holy shit.

Using very complex mathematical equations and algorithms, that's only about.........


8 million away from a billion!

give or take 900,000,000

Hmmmmm, it seems the complex mathematical equations and algorithms were.......miscalculated >_>; Okay, I may have sped read a bit...

Maybe I just live in a dark cave-filled with Blizzard & Valve games- but I honestly have never heard of MapleStory in anything more substantial than in a list of MMO's.

That is a huge number, and my first inclination is to be very, very suspicious as to how they came up with it. Perhaps it's like EVE and there is a decent benefit to having multiple accounts, which might pad that number a bit.

In any case, I just might check it out.

Holy shit......... there is no possible way for me to react to this. Surprise? Disgust? Humility for being the same species as these people?....... maybe not that last one. Browser games are addictive.

.... Is it bad I have never heard of these people?

Wow 92 million players and this is the first time i ever hear about this game, lol. Shows how much i care.

Well not everyone knew it was big.

That screenshot is the first thing I have seen that is Maple Story related. I've never played it and don't know anyone who does. Might take a look on YouTube at least.

Lvl 64 Klutz:

..........holy shit.

Using very complex mathematical equations and algorithms, that's only about.........


8 million away from a billion!

give or take 900,000,000

He was close enough, he tried.

anyway, I had no idea it was that popular. I know plenty of people who used to play it but no one who still does because they "grew out of it" so to speak (that's what they say. ;/)

thats crazy i played another one of nexons game mabingo its was pretty good for a free game but thats alot of people for maple story it sounds dumb but it must be da shit

That is a crazy amount! 92 million?! I have seen ads for this thing but holy crap!

I played it before.
Like most MMORPGs, I found it rather redundant though.

Which is why I got a character to level 73...

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