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Stargate Worlds: Dan Elggren Leaves CME

| 14 May 2009 06:19

Stargate Worlds fans were surprised when news of the game's Studio Head & Executive Producer Dan Elggren leaving developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment surfaced online. According to a family blog post, Elggren joined recently revealed Gazillion Entertainment:

The last 8-9 months have been really rough at Dan's work and we've been trying so hard to make it work. Over 100 employees have left since October, so Dan felt he was as loyal as he possibly could be considering that he was basically volunteering for work and not getting paid! It's such a shame, because the game he's been working on for over 3 years was within several months of being ready to ship! I've admired how hard Dan has fought for his coworkers and for this game. He had been interviewing all over the country when he found this job with Gazillion in Louisville, Colorado. A few of his former coworkers are there now, so that's been a fun connection. We decided that he'd take the job just over a week ago and he begins work there June 1st.

Coincidentally, CME released new screenshots showcasing an Archeologist in the game's planet Menfa:

Today we have a special treat for everyone, an exclusive look at interior and exterior environments on the planet Menfa. We've also captured some weapon effects from the Goa'uld ribbon device, revealed here for the first time! The Archaeologist who volunteered for this mission wasn't too thrilled about the weapon effects shots, but that's why he gets hazardous duty pay. Click here to see all of the new shots in the gallery!


Stargate Worlds' future is still hazy despite CME's assertions that development is ongoing. Let's hope they pull through in these trying times.


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