Earth Eternal Heading to Beta

| 15 May 2009 01:34

Earth Eternal has sent out a newsletter detailing some of the changes implemented on the official EE site as well as news about the coming beta test. Find out what's new below:


We've certainly been busy since you last heard from us and we wanted to share with you some of our recent news and announcements all leading towards an upcoming beta, which if you fill out this time-sensitive survey you can get into the beta pre-selection pool. We'll share more details about the survey later in this letter.

First, if you haven't yet created a user account make sure to do that now!! While you're on the site take a look at our latest website updates:

View each of our 22 Races and read the Creature Info in our Race Gallery:


Win daily community points by creating your user profile, posting on the forums, rating art, voting in polls, or playing our mini-game Shroomie's Search.

Don't miss your opportunity for fun, camaraderie, daily points, and the upcoming beta, stop by and make sure you sign up for Earth Eternal now.

Your feedback is important to the development process, we want to hear from you, and give you an opportunity to increase your chances for being selected to beta test Earth Eternal. Take 5 minutes and fill out this user survey and lock your name into our beta pre-selection pool. This survey will only be available until Monday May 25, 2009 at 6:00 PM PST, so don't wait do it now.

We look forward to unleashing the beast within you!
--The Sparkplay Team--

Glad to hear they're still on track! It's been awhile since we've had news! WHOOT!

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