Site Redesign is Imminent

| 19 May 2009 04:01

We're getting to the final countdown for our design update, and this may involve a bit of downtime for the site and forums. The change is going to start at around 08:30 eastern time (or 8.5 hours after this post), and we expect to be back up and running about an hour after that.

Please excuse the downtime, and we'll see you on the other side.

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GAH! Why do h1 and h2 tags no longer work in the messenger? It's a minor annoyance, but still...

EDIT: GRAAAAAAAAAAAH! h1 and h2 are now black, and mess up a lot! What gives man? Is there a new tag we can use instead? I was just about to post something really cool...

Hey guys, I think you made a mistake, you're supposed to take away content when you make your site harder and scarier to navigate, not add more stuff. That way the people don't notice when you're doing less work, just an FYI.

The End Is Nigh!(I can't remember how to link to just the sign like I used to.)

It gives off that Google Chrome vibe which I guess isn't a bad thing... I think the old one was better!

The new look sucks, looking at the recent news articles is horrific. Before, you could see the entire series of news articles for the last several few days in two or three clicks. Now it takes treble that amount. Not impressed.

No offence here, but I think you messed up something good. I am not a fan.

I'm not gonna lie to you, this new layout not only confuses me, but it scares me too. Yep thats right, it scares and confuses me. Although I suppose I will get used to it eventually...

.... I think I preferred the old version.

Perhaps I will grow accustomed to this one, though, in time...

Woah! I'm totally confused about this!

"Ford was very kind. He gave the man another fiver, then said, "You have 5 minutes to spend it". Then, Perfectly factually, said, "The world is about to end".

"And I saw a pale horse, and its name was the Escapist..."

Be not afraid, my friends, for after Death there is a new Life. Phoenix shall rise from the ashes and spread its golden wings over all of mankind to bring forth the promise of rebirth and a new Renaissance of man. Amen. Let us pray.

Hmm, I think this will be a good thing, can't work out when the update will hit Australia though...
I'm trusting you Escapist team.
Don't screw up

That crazy old man was right!

Hopefully the site doesent add too much (if any black). that would ruin the fell, methinks.

Woooooo, surgury is fun, especially waking up on all those meds. woahhhhh... duuuuuude.

This is it, this could well be the end of forums as we know it. So just in case this is... I wanted to tell you all that you are the best gaming community ever and it was an honour to thread with you. I love you all.

As my final message to all the Valve fanboys out there: You are no better than Halo fans just because you worship Half Life 2, get over yourselves and stop being so smug.

P.S if the site doesn't screw up and everything stays in the balance then I'll keep threading. I just wanted to say that in case I never got another chance.

My brethren, it is time to repent your sins. Clear your conscience of evil deeds and prepare to become one with the universe! Judgement will pass and your fate will be decided upon.



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