Ryzom Opens New Roleplay Portal

| 11 Jun 2009 11:54

Ryzom players with a creative role-playing bent now have a new place to show off their work. The new Ryzom portal, Ryzom: The Chronicles of Atys, features French, German and English areas in which players can post stories, read the lore of Ryzom, chat with game artists, etc. Check it out!

After the latest patch 1.5.0 (See patch information here) last Monday, we are now very pleased to announce the opening of a new, official portal entirely devoted to Roleplay on Ryzom: "The Chronicles of Atys".


Ryzom is not just one of the first and only MMORPG's where RP is very extensive, but now it is also the first, in the history of role-playing multi-player games, to take roleplay to a whole new level! The site is completely dedicated to one of your, or even your only, passions: Roleplay! For those who do not know, Roleplay (or RP), is an experience and a unique way of living everyday actions in an MMORPG. The aim is to deeply involve your character in a living, evolving and interactive story - via a framework designed by our team and you, the player.

Through the new site, we invite all Homins and newcomers alike to delve deep into the history and life of Atys. To accomplish this, we offer you more than just a forum - like we have already with the official forum (which, by the way, will be closed for editing). Now you can chat directly with each other, and with the Animation Team, to create the game you've always dreamed of. With them, you can develop complex events that will have a direct impact on the world and your role on Atys - You can shape the events as they unfold. To accomplish this, other new tools and components are also necessary to help you build your story and that of the planet. But we will not reveal everything here! We invite you to discover everything for yourself on the new site.

But this is not all! The launch of the new site is not to be a singular occasion. Indeed, you are all cordially invited for an event on Saturday June 13th at 21:00 (French time, GMT+2). You can learn more by going to the news page on the new site.

On the new site you will also find the Lore, i.e. the universe and the history of Ryzom which you can use to to (re)discover the four peoples, the different eco-systems, the "Powers of Atys" (the Kami and Karavan.) It is an extensive library to help you better interpret and integrate your role and your life in-game.

So come now! "The Chronicles of Atys" at: http://atys.ryzom.com is waiting for you to actively participate in building the world of Ryzom, your home!

Ryzom and its living world Atys await you! If you are not familiar with Atys or Ryzom yet, come join our world, our universe and accept our offer of a 21 day free trial; no credit card needed to participate...

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